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Traveling as an inspiration

Traveling is a fuel to my inspiration! It has gotten under my skin and dug deep into my soul. I swear all my best ideas happen on a beach, plane or in mountains… Anyone else feel out there like me?? Traveling is beneficial in a variety of ways. Some people find traveling relaxing and some people travel for the inspiration. As long as you feel fulfillment in traveling, there is no right or wrong reason to travel.

Traveling is one of those things that everybody wants to do but most people don’t do enough of. They allow even the smallest situation to stop them from going on a life changing trip. Despite certain circumstances, sometimes you just have to make the decision to go to that place you’ve always wanted to visit. There is a good chance it can change your life. Below, I have listed a personal way traveling has inspired a massive life change for me:

First of all, while traveling I decided to move to San Diego where I live now for 10 years. That was a huge and scary step but it turned out for the best!

Traveling can help to create ideas for a breakthrough in your business.

It has a unique way of helping you clear your mind which in turn helps you think more clearly for new ideas. If you are at a point in your business where you feel like you are stuck, try taking a trip to a place that you’ve been wanting to go and see if that helps reignite your creative thinking. Often while traveling, a business owner thought of a new product or a ground breaking idea that changed their business dramatically. You even hear that while traveling, people think of ideas and open their own business.

Travel can inspire you to pursue your passion.

Pursuing your passion is something that most people don’t do. It takes courage to pursue your passion and you find happiness in doing something that you want to do. Being in a strange environment has a very interesting way of making you think differently. It helps bring out all of the creativity inside of you and can help you make the decision to follow your dreams. There’s a chance that you think you aren’t creative, or that’s a skill other people have. But travel gives you the head space to explore your creative mind, and you may just find yourself writing, or drawing as you sit on that bus, or on that beach. Travel gives you the chance to reawaken those skills and desires.

Travel teaches you something new everyday.

From history to geography and culture, travel constantly teaches me something new every day. It’s not just things or people we learn about though, travel teaches me about myself too. By being constantly thrown into new environments and situations, everyday is a lesson in self-development.

Travel encourages you to respect others through greater cultural understanding.

The best thing about travel for me is the people I meet along the way. From sparking a simple conversion or showing thanks to a local who helps us along our way, it enriches my experience and helps me get to know and understand the local culture.

Travel encourages you to be patient and maintain perspective when things don’t go to plan.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is the value of patience. Something you realize quite quickly when you start a new adventure, is that as soon as you step into that airport terminal or bus station to take your first journey, you’re no longer in control of everything, and the best thing you can do is accept your new reality as quickly as possible, and go with the flow.

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you try new things.

I love the fact that travel constantly takes me out of my comfort zone and encourages me to try new things and experiences. For example, I would probably never have go on 20km, 8-hour hike of mountain in Patagonia, climbed an active volcano in Easter Island, or tasted 200 different types of corn in Peru! Travel has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone and with it, provided the most rewarding experiences!

By switching off from my routines in daily life, such as chores, to-do lists or even just the normal distractions of the TV and phone, I can think more clearly, especially about my goals and passions in life. What do I want to achieve this year? How am I going to do it? What do I want to make more time for?

If you are feeling like you are just going through the motions in your life, take a trip and see how traveling can bring clarity to your life and help you decide what’s your best next move.

What change are you looking for in your life? How will traveling help you find that change?

Hopefully this has either reminded you why travel is an awesome thing to do, or provided the catalyst to inspire travel in you!

How have your travels inspired you? I’d love to hear from you.



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2 comentarios

Omg how many places have you been? That’s incredible. Do you have a favorite?

I am definitely one of those people who put travel on hold due to life. You reminded me I need to make no excuses and make plans!

Going to book something for next year. Please give me some recommendations

Me gusta

Great article! My favorite place I’ve been to is India. It humbled me in so many different ways. Love all your travel photos 😍

Me gusta
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