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My wife Lorraine and I were introduced to Kristina through a friend and were unaware that she was such a talented artist! She invited us to a Paint & Wine night that she hosts regularly. We were not sure what to expect, but she absolutely blew us away with her professionalism, humor and creative abilities. 

Not being an artist by trade, we did our best but couldn't compare to Kristina's work. We decided to hire Kristina to learn how to improve our technique. She's very patient and makes painting easy and more importantly, FUN! We even purchased a couple of her pieces of art, which are truly stunning and go well with our living spaces. 

We're glad that we were introduced to Kristina. She has brought another dimension into our relationship through art. We highly recommend anyone who would like to learn how to paint like a pro to take a private lesson! If you're not into painting, but are in the market to spruce up your living room OR are looking to purchase that unique and custom gift for your loved one, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the artwork that Kristina has for sale. Again, highly recommended! 

- Joey Paglinawan


I am a big fan of Kristina's works. I really like her style. With pleasure I follow on her social media to seeing her amazing video. Recently I bought a painting from her store and I absolutely love it! The picture is perfect fit for my interior. I am sure that her paintings will be a great gift for close friends or family. She is also a very friendly and nice person. I'm sure she will help you with all your questions.
- Liudmyla Demydova



I just love all your paintings purchased over the years for my office.
- Anthony Niak


I have a beauty studio and i was looking for something that will inspire not only me, but bring the joy and happy mood to my clients as well.

Well, as you figured, i found an art that could do both!
Totally suggested!😍

-Kristina Zzakirova



I know Kristina personally for many years, she is an amazing friend, but also a pure talent, I love her work, creativity and technique. I don’t know many local artists who use palette knife the way she does. I have purchased “Jazzist” painting as a wedding gift for my friends and they both loved it!
Kristina Davini


I got this beautifully done painting for my son as he has a pony named Gidget and it looks just like her. Kristina is so talented and such a thoughtful artist. Highly recommend any of her exquisite paintings!
Ana Eason



I'm no art critic but it's been years since I've seen work that I like. Beautifully done. I enjoyed all of this.
Greg King

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