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Myartscape Brand Review: Acrylic Paints, Oils and Brushes.

Myartscape is one of the brands I use a lot! Here's a review on some of their products. Hopefully you find it helpful.

Acrylic Paint Set - 72 x 21ml Artist Quality Paints

If you don’t like to mix your paints - this set is your choice! Huge variety of colors. Also it comes with 3 brushes that are excellent quality : Flat 1/2", Bright 1/2" and Round 8.

You can use these paints for for painting on canvas, fabric, paper, ceramic, clay, wood, metal, rocks, nails & crafts The packaging comes in handy as well. It's 3 sleeves of paints, that you can slide in and out of a thick paper sleeve. Great variety, helpful Opacity icons on each tube to show their coverage level, true colors, nice packaging, and a great price make this set of Acrylics hard to beat!

Oil Paint Set - 48 x 12ml Artist Quality Paints

These oil paints are vibrant, lightfast colors, highly pigmented, non-toxic, have thick consistency and glossy finish.

I am using oils the first time! Normally I only paint with acrylics. I was always scared of trying oils but it turned out to be very pleasant experience. I’ve painted the first layers with acrylics and finished with layer of oils. It turned out beautiful!!!!

Paint Brushes - 15 Pc Brush Set for Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil & Face Painting | Long Handle Artist Paintbrushes with Travel Holder & Free Gift Box

These brushes retain their shape, don’t shed, don’t lose shape when wet, last long time (I have mine for 4 years!), easy to clean and cruelty free - 100% synthetic.

You can use these brushes with any acrylic paint, watercolor, oils and for face painting.

I have received these brushes as a gift 3 years ago and up until now they are almost like new!!!! The handle and grip feel very good in my hand, they hold paint well, they don’t shed and it’s easy to clean them. There’s a great variety of sizes and shapes. My favorite one is square brush, I was able to create a palette knife look with it. Also I like the packaging, you can safely store your brushes and easily travel with it.

12-Pc Miniature Brush Set With Holder for Detail Painting

These miniature brushes don’t shed, last long time and have very precision point! Comfortable, durable handles bring the finest control to your hand whether you are painting in acrylic, watercolor or oil. They are the perfect tool for the smallest details whether you're painting miniatures or concentrating on a particular facet of a painting.

Very important: Costumer service at Myartscape is EXCELLENT! If you guys have any problem with your order, just shoot an email to them! Also, Myartscape offers a 1 Year "hassle-free" replacement guarantee on most of the products. Which other company does that?!.

Happy painting!

Photos by Kristina Davini

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Jul 16, 2020

Luibov, you should definitely try their oils, you’ll love them! Thank you, astronaut turned out better than I expected 😁


I have received Myartscape acrylic paint set and brush set from the giveaway you did on your Instagram. I find this products very high quality and will be purchasing more in the future. Actually I was thinking about trying their oils too! I do use oils sometimes and not super happy with Artists Loft quality. And btw that painting of astronaut is gorgeous!!!


Jul 16, 2020

Vanessa, I am pleased to hear you found art supplies that you like!


I actually started using Myartscape acrylics and brushes after I read your first blog. I love this brand! I don’t think I am ready for oils yet but maybe in the future I will try them out too!

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